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Customer Testimonials

Sixth Sense for Sore Spots

I'm happy to heartily recommend Stella to you -- she is the masseuse extraordinaire!  Stella has been given a blessed sixth sense of where
problems are and how to relieve them.  I think we have all had
massages where bumbling hands have pounced unannounced on a tender
area and ploughed ahead, causing great pain before you had a chance to
register dismay.  After once or twice over the years getting massages
with folks who suddenly sent me levitating from the table, I had the
great fortune to meet Stella and have her work on me.  At that time I
was going through a nasty back flare-up of some months duration.  She
was able to help me feel better right away, assist me on the road to
recovery and even suggest some further courses of action to help set
me aright.  Many people are licensed to do massage, deliver a "club
scrub" and seem to think they are proficient.  However, what you have
in Stella is a truly gifted, intuitive, kind, talented and intelligent
body worker who will become a wonderful addition to your life and

--Paulie D., flautist

January 2012

Benefit from Regular Massage

I have been seeing Stella for a massage since last Spring, once or twice a month. My back is very grateful! Stella focuses on whatever area you want her to focus on. And with her background as a dancer, she is great at relieving tensions created by sport's practice!
Her place is easy to find, very central if there is such a thing in LA, easy to park. And she can even come to you (which I have never tried as I live not far from her!).
Highly recommend her!

--Raphaelle C., business analyst
October 2013


Individualized Sessions

Whenever I have neck and back problems, I know that Stella will provide relief.  She always checks in to make sure she is giving the right pressure -- which not every massage therapist does -- and tailors each session to what I need to have worked on every time.

--Antoine S., business owner
May 2012


Recovery from athletic injuries

Sports massage has long been used by athletes for facilitating the recovery of current and chronic injuries as well as aiding in the prevention of new ones. Elite athletes almost always include sports massages as part of their regular training regime, and even casual and recreational athletes find such massages beneficial to building muscle and sustaining fewer “weekend warrior” injuries. However, all massages are not equal and it takes skill and experience to deliver an effective massage beneficial for athletes. Stella has both. During my years as a nationally competitive figure skater, I relied on Stella’s expertise to help keep my muscles in top form. I would highly recommend athletes of all skill levels to do the same!

-- Josselyn B., figure skating coach 

May 2013

Relief for Runners

Last night I had my second massage with Stella.  I have been running, working, running is my work and very tense.  My entire body was one big stiff knot.  Stella worked her magic on my body. She has very strong hands and the confidence of what she does comes through.  Last night was the first night that when waking up I was not stiff in every corner of my body.
She is really great and my goal is to try to get my body worked on at least a couple of times a month.  
It has been almost 24 hours since my massage and I am still pain free, and that seemed to be an impossible feeling to obtain before last night.

-- Cheryl A., business owner
September 2014

Best Massage Therapy

Stella's massage leaves me relaxed and rejuvenated every time and not just for a few moments but the effects of being on her table last! On top of that Stella is a lovely human being and her overall energy and caring nature make every visit highly anticipated and treasured. Massage with Stella has become a regular part of my overall self care and well being plan - I wouldn't miss it for the world!

--Lynne B. Owner at Visionaire Coaching 
January 2018